Maker Faire Toronto!

Attention Maker fans!

Look for 3D Chocolateering and our 3D Chocolate Printer at the upcoming Maker Faire Toronto Expo this coming weekend! Use the discount code ‘makers’ online and get 20% of the day pass! Don’t miss out on Toronto’s greatest show and tell!


OCE Discovery Conference Invitation

For those of going to the OCE Discovery Conference 2013 in the Toronto Convention Center on May 27 and 28th, look for our exhibit! We will be once again showcasing the capabilities of our 3D SLS Chocolate Printer using the always-delicious chocolate powder. Additionally, depending on current tests, we will be demonstrating the use of more a pragmatic print material: plastic.

For more information, check out OCE’s Discovery Conference.


Design Symposium

The Mechatronics Design Symposium was a huge success! There was vast interest in trying our chocolate samples and people couldn’t believe our results. Below is the team posing with our finished product and award winning poster (special thanks to Apple for sponsoring the award).


Left to right Andy Vopni, Brian Luptak, Ben Cousins, Nima Majidifar

Contact Information

If you saw our project at the UWaterloo Mechatronics Design Symposium and would like to know more, feel free to contact us at:

Andy Vopni: andy.vopni(at)gmail(dot)com

Brian Luptak: bluptak2(at)gmail(dot)com

Ben Cousins: jamin_cousins(at)hotmail(dot)com

Nima Majidifar: nmajidif(at)uwaterloo(dot)ca

Mechatronics Design Symposium: Coming Soon!

For those of you in the Waterloo area, come check out our Chocolate Printer Prototype at the University of Waterloo 2013 Mechatronics Fourth Year Design Symposium on Monday, March 18th! Hot Link. Here, along side our peers, we will be demonstrating our crafty creation, as well as gifting tasty sample 3D models, for those innovative enough to put the cutting edge of consumer 3D printing technology in their mouths.